All-Inclusive Feature Bundle

BizConnect platform holds a comprehensive feature bundle to put on a stellar virtual event that delivers the desired impact.

Bizconnect - Attendee Registration Feature

Attendee Registration

A simple, short registration process where we get the basic details of the attendees to bring them on board. Organizers can choose to enable/disable spot registration.

Bizconnect - Login feature

Event Login Page

A sleek, modern event-based web page where the attendees who have completed their registration can join the event on the scheduled day.

Bizconnect - Walkthrough feature

Entrance Walkthrough

A customizable, majestic entrance that provides a close-to-reality experience for the attendees. Pick from the stock templates and conduct detailed branding of the event with logos placed in flags, building facades, and hoardings.

Bizconnect - Lobby

Event Lobby

The selection continues. Organizers can choose a theme from the various templates to fit with the event’s purpose. Branding will be carried out here as well via Logos & Hanging Banners placed at various locations.

Helpdesk feature


Support the attendees at all times of the event with the Helpdesk zone, where they can gain all the information regarding the event with FAQs, Event Agendas, and direct chat features available in the branded Helpdesk.

BizConnect virtual Event management


Indulge your audience with interactive sessions in the majestic Auditorium. The zone can be customized and branded by selecting an outlook from the available templates. The audience has the platform to interact and engage with each other and the speakers.

Bizconnect - Live Chat feature

Live/Pre-Recorded Sessions

Address the audience through the majestic screen in the Auditorium. The Platform supports all the popular streaming sessions – you can choose to have interactive, multi-speaker live addressing or choose to play a pre-recorded video.

Bizconnect - Exhibition Hall feature

Exhibition Hall

Rope in an exhibition hall to your event and allow the attendees to walk around and explore the different brand booths present in the zone. The section holds a pre-existing theme for you to select a preferred outlook.

Bizconnect - QnA feature

QnA Sessions

Give your audience the ability to partake in the interactive sessions of the Auditorium through a live QnA session – the audience can post their questions in the chat window; a moderator can pass them on to the speakers for answering.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Video Gallery

Present in the Virtual Booths and Auditorium (on using pre-recorded videos), the video gallery serves as a great opportunity for brand executives to showcase their brand products and services via detailed videos.

Bizconnect - Video Chat feature

Video Chat

Humanize the interactions between attendees with the video chat feature placed in multiple zones of the event, including the Networking and Exhibition area. The feature allows attendees to hold insightful conversations and replicate physical exchanges.

Bizconnect - Groupchat feature

One-on-one Meets & Group Chats

Fuel your event with the opportunities to interact anywhere they go – Auditorium, Network Zone, Exhibition, and Helpdesk. They can raise their doubts, show their expertise, answer their queries, and network with each other across these zones.

Bizconnect - Helpdesk feature

Speaker’s Lounge

The section is only open to the speakers and moderators of the event. They can join the backend studio before their turn of addressing to conduct an audio/video test and ensure that they are ready to go live.

Bizconnect - Networking feature

Networking Area

Allow the participants to choose their target audience from the attendees' list. They can use the networking area in the Networking zone as their platform to pitch their ideas, generate leads, and discuss collaboration with other significant personnel.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Reports & Analytics

Event organizers rely on reports and analytics to measure different metrics regarding the event. Measure your event's success with detailed page-wise reports that record user behavior during the event.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Event Briefcase

Attendees will come across several interesting collaterals and images during their event journey. The Event Briefcase holds all the attendee favorites in one place, so they can download all of them to the system before leaving the platform.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Attendee Profile

Allow the attendees to introduce and showcase their expertise, position, and professional details for the other presenters of the event. They can use it as a business card and exchange with attendees in networking and exhibition area.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Instruction Pop-ups

Guide the attendees through the course of the events with the instruction pop-outs present in all the areas of the event. They can leverage the same to move around and explore the platform, leaving no stones unturned.

Bizconnect - Feedback feature

Feedback Forms

Record attendee’s view through event feedback forms present in the Auditorium. We can use default Google forms or third-party integration to fit the inputs required for the event.

Bizconnect - Live Poll feature

Live Polls

Provide interesting live polls about exciting topics relevant to the event. The attendees will engage and answer to them in the Auditorium section. The results will be declared by the end of the event.

Bizconnect - Photobooth feature


Take pictures of the attendees in fun, quirky frames. The attendees can choose to save the photos to the event gallery and transfer them to the system or share them on social media platforms.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Photo Gallery

Once the pictures are clicked, attendees have the option to transfer them to Photo gallery, which can be viewed by other attendees and event organizers.

Games Feature

Games with Optional Ad Feature

Give the option for your attendees to take a break by playing & setting scores in the leaderboard. You can choose any three from the available 15 games, which can be expanded on request.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Poster Competition Wall

Include an extra layer to the event with the poster competition wall wherein they can exhibit their posters, while others can view, like, and download the showcased posters.

Bizconnect - Leaderboard feature


Attendees are given scores based on their degree of engagement and participation in different zones and aspects of the event.


Training/Press Room

The speakers and the authorized personnel of the event are given access to the special training/press room where they can have a real-time overview of the event.

BizConnect virtual Event management


Access to various professionals to support with Studio setup, Tech moderation, Anchors, and Stage designs, etc. to run the show to perfection.