We want to be the future of Virtual events, and we cannot do it without your help. If you are someone who has a wide-ranging network of prospects or holds the skills to pitch and bring organizers to host events on our virtual event platform, we are looking for you. We are a stickler for old-school word-of-mouth and would like you to be the voice of BizConnect! Take your professional  marketing skills to the next level with our win-win partnership program, where we both grow together, hand-in-hand.

BizConnect virtual Event management

Should you choose BizConnect as your Partner?
Our platform has gained a renowned reputation among the events fraternity. As we continue to grow our client base, and constantly work on improving the Virtual/Hybrid Event Platform to meet the growing demands of the industry, our success in the feat is eminent. We have all the segments that signal a scalable team.
Exceptional Team
Our team comprises curious minds, who are constantly on the lookout for opportunities and modern trends that can help us provide an elevated experience for both the clients and the end-users. From the technical experts to the sales team, we have a unified goal of re-imagining the event domain, and work relentlessly towards getting there!
Highest Quality of Service
Our all-inclusive Virtual Event Software is focused on providing a stand-alone experience that gives the audience an exceptional change out of the ordinary meetings and screens. This will give us the edge over the competitors, and allows your pitching process to go as seamless as possible.
We grow hand-in-hand
We promise to hold a long-lasting relationship with our partners. As we grow hand-in-hand in broadcasting and expanding our impressions, your growth along with BizConnect is guaranteed. This will put you on the jetpack to success!

Who should enroll in the Partner’s Program?

If you are a sales and marketing expert with access to our target audience, you can enroll to be our Partner. You will act as our representatives, accompany the target audience through their journey in their sales funnel, and convert them to organize a glorious event with BizConnect’s Event Platform.

Read more about the Partner’s Program here

Reach out to us if you are interested in discussing the partnership in detail.