Virtual Events

A virtual event is a technology-driven event that provides a highly customizable multimedia experience where you can interact with your audience globally in a virtual environment rather than meeting in a physical location. It allows you to host a virtual conference, trade show, product launch, or a virtual recruitment fair from the comfort of your home or office, using only a laptop or phone and an internet connection. Ours is a comprehensive end-to-end event cycle program that allows you to customize your virtual event needs. We specialize in producing online virtual events for town hall meetings, quarterly meets, company training, and product roll-outs for the mass, using the virtual venue that works for you. 

Virtual Event Gallery

Bizconnect - Virtual lobby feature

Virtual Lobby

RnR Corporate Virtual Event  

Bizconnect - Virtual Auditorium feature

Virtual Auditorium

RnR Corporate Virtual Event

Bizconnect - Virtual Exhibition feature

Virtual Exhibition hall 

Medical Corporate Virtual Event

Bizconnect - Virtual Booth Feature

Virtual Booth

Insurance Corporate Virtual Event  

Virtual Booth

Virtual Booth

Medical Virtual Event

virtual event

Virtual Bhooth

 Partners Virtual Event

Bizconnect - Game Zone Feature

Virtual Gamezone

Lakshya Corporate Virtual Event  

BizConnect virtual Event management

Virtual Photo Booth

Lakshya Virtual Event

Virtual Auditorium

Virtual Auditorium

 NCDEX Virtual Event

Virtual lobby

Virtual Lobby

Bizconnect - Virtual Stage feature

Virtual Stage

Bizconnect - Virtual Helpdesk feature

Virtual Helpdesk